Welcome to Vapourtine. This page is designed to help you, and provide more information about our E-liquid and E-cigarette kits. If you need to know anything about our E-liquid or E-cigarettes that are not listed below please feel free to drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will reply promptly. We are here to help you find the correct product and give you the best service possible.

Who is Vapourtine?

We are an Electronic cigarette and E-liquid supplier and retailer. We are a UK based company who also ship internationally to any country, to an individual or another e-cigarette company. We thrive to give the best customer service which sets us apart from any other Vendor. Our low cost E-cigarettes and Eliquids are of the highest quality, as we buy in high volumes, we can pass this saving on to our customers.

What Does E-Liquid Contain?

Electronic Cigarette fluid, known as e-liquid  is a very simple solution. Unlike conventional cigarettes that contain the nicotine and a range of products from the burning of the tobacco leaf, (many of these are known carcinogens), electronic cigarettes contain no by-products of combustion. The e-liquid  is essentially made of three parts:

Nicotine: Nicotine is a stimulant like coffee and also highly addictive. If for example you smoke light tobacco that is similar to 11mg or 1.1% of nicotine strength in our E-liquid, 18mg & 24mg is also available.

Diluent: To dilute the strength of the pure nicotine and to produce a fluid that produces vapour in the electronic cigarette , a diluent is used. These diluents are food grade diluents, used extensively in the food production industry, such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

Flavourings: Whether you prefer an electronic cigarette  to taste like a tobacco cigarette or a Eliquid fruit flavour, there is an infinite range of potential flavours that can be added to the solution to give the vapour the taste you desire. Again, Vapourtine only use food grade flavourings in the Eliquid.


How to Find the Right E-liquid for you?

In our experience, it's mostly trial and error. Most users use a variety of different flavours throughout the day or week and switch when they feel like it. We have a PG\VG mix which brings the best of both worlds with throat hit and Vapour production. With 3 different strengths its easy to find out which strength suits you. As for Eliquid Flavours, they are all good in taste but it just depends on how experimental you want to get, you can go for the safe USA mix e-liquid  or go all out and try Pineapple Coconut Rum. Vaping is all about fun, the experience and trying new things, however, as long as it keeps you off the cancer sticks, you're winning!

Which type of E-Liquid is better (PG or VG)?

This is completely a user choice as it depends on which you prefer. Vapourtine sell approx 30+ e-liquid  flavours, in 3 different strengths and either PG or a mix of PG\VG:

PG is greater throat hit so you feel the nicotine on the back of your throat and this also means it creates less Vapour by using these types of E-liquid

VG creates more Vapour and slightly less of a throat hit, Although this does not mean it generates no throat hit at all. (we currently do not have 100% VG) We have the best of both worlds, mixed PG\VG Eliquid which combines both mixes creating a strong throat hit while generating great Vapour