Vapourtine Eliquid come in a variety of flavours and mixes. Our Eliquid has been certified by various certification agencies, come in child-proof bottles. All our eliquid  provide a very good amount of vapour and taste great.

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RY6 Eliquid

A special premium range of e-liquid , developed by Hangsen to resemble real cigarette taste better than ever before. Enhanced and complex, the flavours are stronger than usual pre-mixed formulas and they all taste very tailor-made.


RY4 Eliquid

RY4 is a flavour originally developed by a company called Ruyan, the original inventors of the e-cigarette. It is a blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla.  Smooth with a pleasant mild dried fruit taste and quiet smokey on the exhale.


Strawberry Eliquid

Strawberry eliquid  is the taste of traditional summer strawberries in a bottle! A true strawberry flavour, not the artificial confectionery taste. This is becoming a very popular vape...

Spearmint Eliquid

Cool Spearmint flavour that leaves an amazingly fresh taste in your mouth. Our spearmint eliquid  is a must have for chewing gum and mint fans alike.


Gold & Silver Eliquid

A classic and popular cigarette-like eliquid  flavour with a fruity undertone. Tastes great when mixed with a dash of Menthol eliquid .

USA mix Eliquid

A dry tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness, has a strong throat hit. A very popular e-liquid  that produces lots of vapour.

Silky Smooth Eliquid

A classic mild cigarette-like eliquid  flavour.

Tobacco Eliquid

Traditional and classic tobacco Eliquid flavour with tones of dark biscuit, caramel and nuttiness.

Banana Eliquid

Banana e-liquid  tastes like a freshly peeled banana. This is a favourite among fruit lovers due to its unique flavour and smooth throat hit.

Watermelon Eliquid

A true mouth-watering flavour that will transport you to a summer picnic. No seeds, no fuss, no mess, just refreshing fruity heaven.

Espresso Eliquid

Just like drinking a strong cup of espresso made from fresh roasted beans.

Apple Eliquid

A sweet and tangy as in the skin, savour the flavour of the apple within. A sweet flavour that tastes similar to a red apple picked right from the tree.

Black Cherry Eliquid

If it’s a subtle cherry vape you are looking for, then this is the one! Black Cherry is sweet, yet has sour notes.


Mango Eliquid

Not too strong, a little sweet mango flavour.

Blueberry Eliquid

buttery and bursting with blueberry flavour

Menthol Eliquid

Great to mix with any tobacco and a nice cool taste on it’s own.

Mint Eliquid

A great Minty taste and one of the classics