Many Vapers wonder what is the "Best Eliquid", in simple terms it boils down to personal taste but after selling thousands of eliquid  bottles we can at least give you a general consensus of what our customers prefer and love.

Sure, everyone buys eliquid  at a broad range, but there are always a few eliquid  flavours that vapers come back to buy eliquid  in bulk.

You may wonder if you "buy eliquid " from one vendor, will it be the same as another, when it's the same flavour?

Answer is simple, No. If you compare eliquid  that you can buy in a bottle, to a pre-filled cartridge then you'll notice the quality difference.

  1. Exaggerated claims of puffs per cartridge
  1. Leaves your mouth dry
  1. costs more
  1. Filled with cheap eliquid
  1. Prone to leaks

Even when Buying Eliquid in a bottle, it doesn't mean it's the same as another. Some eliquid  are still developed on the cheap side and its evident by the taste and vapour it produces and also the dry feeling it leaves in your mouth.

When you buy Eliquid, you should also look at the bottle, not just the price! Bottles need to be to EU standards, with correct labelling, hazard warning, Tactile labels for the blind and Child Safety caps. When some of these details are missing, rest assured that that company has gone to no length to source a good product. If a few simple things as important as child safety caps are ignored as it costs more to include as a feature than what other corners were cut?

Now back to the initial question!

What is the Best Eliquid?

Or shall we say, most popular from our experience!

Menthol is a common favourite but not exactly daring, If you like Menthol then you'd Love Spearmint! A tobacco type favourite is RY4 with its smooth delivery and sweet undertone. However if you're a Hardcore tobacco person then RY6 has been very popular.

As most new vapers start off by trying tobacco's, 90% switch to fruity flavours. Most popular fruit eliquid  to buy is Vanilla, Strawberry, Espresso for the coffee lovers, Black cherry, Kiwi mix and Banana!

You will notice however, after a few months on the fruit, you'll get that urge for tobacco again... and while USA mix is a favourite and also Gold and Silver, Most vapers go for the RY4, RY5 & RY6 as they are truly in a league of their own!

So what's Vapourtine's recommendation of the above?

If we had to choose only 3 Flavours out of the 30+ we have, It would have to be RY5 for the sweet tobacco lovers, RY6 for the hardcore Tobacco lover and Strawberry for that sweet fruit flavour.

No... actually... probably RY4, Vanilla and Spearmint!

Choosing the most popular out of the most popular?! That's tough!!!

How about you let us know what's your favourite???